Let’s Flamingle Summer Tropical Fest

Let's flamingle!! Our friends over at the fabulous Fizzy Party really know how to have fun throwing this sweet summer tropical fest party.It's such a fun party. I am in love with all the colors Tiffany chose from the bright pinks, yellows, and pops of green it all fits in perfectly with the theme but also with her vision. Anyone, that knows

Happy Birthday Jesus

Christmas is the time for many holiday parties and what better way to celebrate the birth of a beautiful little boy born on Christmas in a Stable than with a Happy Birthday Jesus Party. Christmas is about love because God is love. Christmas is something that we should carry in our hearts all year long

Rory’s Modern Safari Baby Shower

I  styled Rory's modern safari baby shower for my very dear friend Rachel Pierce who also happens to be our local morning news anchor for NBC2 in Southwest Florida. Rachel has 2 adorable little girls so helping to plan a baby shower for the new addition to be Rory Thomas was fun and exciting. Rachel

I Love Giraffes

A child's favorite animal makes for a great birthday theme. We took this particular little girl's love of giraffe's created a fun party that was enjoyed by all who attended. Good food, sweet treats, and activities are a recipe for a great kids party because what child does not love getting wild. Giraffe print in

Love Is In the Air

It's Valentine's Day and Love is in the air. Children have an unconditional love for everyone, and it showed in the faces of the children that celebrated at this fun party. Custom sweets, colorful décor spread the cheer and brightened up the special day. The Children also kindly shared this charming party with our family

Charleigh Turns Two

Summer is coming that means kids are out of school looking for fun things to do. I remember as a little girl how much I loved selling lemonade especially on days that were so hot nothing says refreshing like a nice glass of cold lemonade. Sweet Charleigh was turning two so what’s a perfect way

Mothers Day Tea Downtown Abby Style

From the time I was a small child, I dreamed of Castles, Kings & Magical Things…Mothers Day is Sunday, May 8th so I thought I would share a Downtown Abbey High Tea that I did in my home.  Afternoon tea or high tea is an excellent excuse and reason to get together. Simple refreshments served at

Purple Day-Planting Seeds of Hope

As parents, we all hope our children will grow up to be loving, compassionate, to give back to their community in some way and in 2008 a then 9 year old little girl from Nova Scotia, Canada did just that. Cassidy Megan created the idea of Purple Day she was motivated by her own personal